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  • Peat Products

    All companies of the cooperation KUDRAS SUBSTRATE - PEAT MOSS have their own peat bogs so that we are able to offer our clients a wide product range of raw materials

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  • Substrates

    As requested by the customer we offer both a wide range of common standard mixtures for nearly every purpose as well as individual special mixtures according to the customers requirements

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  • Management

    All five affiliated companies of KUDRAS SUBSTRATES - PEAT MOSS are family owned and have a central german management

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Welcome to Kudras websaite

is a distribution platform for peat and peat products which is adressed to wholesaler and producer of growing media

5 Latvian peat production companies, which are successful for more than 15 years working in the Baltics, are associated in this cooperation.

Together the companies produce everything from raw material through to high-quality substrates in all packaging sizes to pacify the highest needs and standards of to reliably fulfil the high requirements of today’s modern and highly specialised horticultural companies and market. All the companies have well-trained staff and on our mining areas we use the latest technology to extract and produce peat and peat products. Mining areas at five different locations of Latvia also guarantees an optimal basic quantity of peat in order to have an adequate quantity of harvested peat as a strong partner.

Professional Products And Service

In addition to selling raw material KUDRAS SUBSTRATES - PEAT MOSS provides services such as mixing special-substrates due to the customer needs or producing and sacking potting soil. Further more help can be given with logistics issues and document processing. The geographical location of the sites allows convenient logistical connections to almost all countries of the world.

Reliability, continuity, innovation and accountability are some of the most important goals of ourselves.

Kudras quality seal*

*"ISO 9001, ISO 14001" of the company FLORABALT SIA and "RPP"of the company KŪDRAS ENERĢIJA

Our companies

The distribution platform KUDRAS - SUBSTRATE PEAT MOSS is formed by 5 Latvian companies